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General Statement of Purpose, Rules, and Eligibility

The Corporate Cup is a fitness challenge to local organizations, businesses, and corporations. The purpose of the YMCA Corporate Cup is to promote community-wide interest and involvement in fitness, health activities, and corporate team building. Teams from participating organizations will compete in several fitness events. To help assure fair and equitable competition for all participants, certain general and event rules have been instituted. General rules are noted below. Some events may have specific event rules and eligibility guidelines.

The YMCA Corporate Cup emphasizes participation of all segments of a business or organization - all employees, male and female, young and old, fit and unfit. The goals are fun, fitness, company pride and company spirit. The different fitness events allow for individual preferences.

Corporate Cup Events & Sign-up Sheet

Corporate Cup Information & Guidelines

2017 Team Application

General Rules

1. Eligibility:

  • Participants must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
  • Participants must be full time or part time employees or retirees of each company or organization at the time of competition along with their married spouses. An employee is defined as someone who will receive a W-2 from the participating company. If an employee is in a short-term laid-off situation then he/she must still be covered by the company’s insurance policy. Children will not be allowed to participate unless they are employed through the company.
  • A participant can be a person who is in essence an employee of a firm but has, due to special legal arrangements, an official status under IRS rules as being other than a statutory W-2 individual. The person must have a continuing, ongoing relationship with the firm which provides him/her with substantially all his/her personal income. Examples of such allowed relationships are a physician with a hospital, an attorney for the County and newspaper delivery personnel for the Chieftain. Discretion and fairness in application of this rule by team directors is requested.
  • An employee participant’s employment site must be within Randolph County. A retiree must be living within Randolph County.
  • Any team member who has participated at the high school varsity, college varsity or professional level in a sport within the 12-month period prior to the Corporate Cup may not participate in that sport at the Corporate Cup.
  • Anyone competing or participating in any event must sign the YMCA Corporate Cup waiver prior to competition.
  • Teams can be formed by members of a professional group such as: Randolph County Medical Society, Randolph County Auto Dealers, Banks of Randolph County, etc. Any professional group must have approval of the Corporate Cup committee.

2. Two or more companies with fewer than 25 employees may combine to form one team.

3. Participants can only be on one team per event.

4. The YMCA Corporate Cup committee reserves the right to review all team entries relative to eligibility.

5. Teams must provide the YMCA with a letter verifying that all participants meet the above criteria regarding being an employee or retiree.

6. The organization entered as a team must be located within Randolph County.

7. Team Tie-Breaker: If a tie occurs for any of the first three places, the Corporate Cup Committee will determine the winner by 1st places in different Corporate Cup events.

8. Team Shirts: Teams must wear their shirts identifying their corporation. It is up to your company if you want to purchase team shirts, but we ask that you wear like colors and markings. Team t-shirt colors can be reserved as soon as the team completes appropriate paperwork to register for Corporate Cup.

9. Team Participation Points: Unless otherwise noted, the first team in each team event earns the company 10 points. Second earns 8 points, third earns 6 points, fourth place will earn 4 points, and all other teams will earn 2 points. If a team does not participate in an event, that company will receive 0 points.

10. Medals will be given to each first place winners in each event.

11. The Corporate Cup trophy is awarded to the overall first place team.

Rule Violation

1. Teams or team members found in violation of event rules will be disqualified from the event in which the infraction was noted and receive zero points for that event. Teams finishing behind the disqualified group will be moved up in the point standing accordingly.

2.The YMCA Corporate Cup Committee reserves the right to review all rule violations and each company or organization must fully cooperate.

3. All rule violation protest must be submitted in writing to the Corporate Cup director within 24 hours of infraction.

Registration Fees:

The cost to participate in the Corporate Cup is $350/team. If a company wishes to have multiple teams, each additional team will receive a $50 discount (i.e. Team 1: $350, Team 2: $300, Team 3: $300, etc). This cost includes coordination and facilitation of the Corporate Cup, participants (members or non-members) will have access to the YMCA for one month prior to the Corporate Cup for exercise and practice (practice times will be arranged for group events such as Pickleball, Volleyball, etc), medals for each first place event winners, Corporate Cup Trophy for the overall first place team to keep, and a cookout at the Awards Ceremony for participants and their families. A Corporate Cup Trophy will also be kept at the YMCA and updated with winners from year-to-year.