Middle School Leaders Club

Youth & Family Director- Debi Krayniewski 

Grades 7th & 8th


The summer camp experience can be an amazing experience. It gives kids the opportunity to make friends from different schools, backgrounds and cultures. Our goal this summer is to give our campers the experience to introduce them to new experiences. To open their eyes to the possibilities and the wonder of the world. In the Leaders Club you would be helping us do that for the campers and would also be helping you experience those things as well. Leaders will come out of this program having helped organize a Camp Wide Volunteer Project from start to finish. So 7th and 8th graders if you are interested in this program you will need to submit a Leaders Application. All applicants will not be selected-only those who show a true desire to be leaders and a true maturity to have this kind of responsibility. All teens selected to be in the program will be required to attend the whole Summer Camp and a Training Session before Summer Camp to train and meet the other Leaders and Counselors.


Depending on the age(s) and size of the group, two to three Leaders will be assigned per group. The Program Directors will carefully screen Leaders by assessing their applications, conducting & evaluating interviews with applicants and finally, contacting references with a detailed questionnaire regarding the applicant. After the application, interview and references have been compiled and calculated Leaders will be chosen based on the most qualified and deserving individuals.


ALL Leaders will attend CPR/First Aid training sessions provided by the YMCA. They will also be trained by the Program Directors in a modified version of the YMCA Day Camp Training Module. Leaders will be supervised by the Program Directors and the Camp Counselors. They ARE NOT responsible for facilitating program activities, direct care to Day Campers, bathroom/locker room supervision, behavior management or be solely responsible for a group or group of children. The role of Leaders is to assist the Counselors, primarily with transition, lunch & snack times and with activities (crafts, games, sports, set-up/clean-up) and learn the characteristics it takes to be a YMCA Counselor.


Members: $75.00/Week
Public: $125.00/Week


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