Corporate Partnership

The Randolph-Asheboro YMCA offers local businesses and organizations an opportunity to help their employees become healthier in spirit, mind and body with Corporate Partnerships.


At no cost to the employer, help your employees and their families become healthier, while saving you both money! Employees can join the YMCA at a discounted rate and enjoy all the benefits of being a YMCA member. Employer benefits included as well!


A Strong Wellness Program

  • Reduces Health Care Costs
  • Improves Productivity & Employee Morale
  • Attracts & Retains Employees
  • Reduces Employee Absenteeism & Turnover
  • Improves Employer/Employee Relationships

Fit Employees

  • Are Healthier
  • More Productive
  • Less Likely To Become Sick
  • Have More Energy Throughout The Day
  • Less Stressed
  • Work Better As A Team
  • Have More Self-Confidence
  • Make Better Leaders
  • Have Better Attitudes
  • Stay Focused On Tasks
  • Challenge Themselves

Additional Benefits

  • Trial Passes For Your Employees To Try Out The Y Before Joining
  • YMCA Participation In On-Site Wellness Events, Health Fairs, Etc
  • One FREE On-Site Wellness Seminars Per Year
  • Employee Usage Report Upon Request


  • Promote Collaboration To Current & Future Employees.
  • Review list of current members linked to your Corporate Membership


  • No New Member Joining Fee ($50-$100 Savings)
  • Discount of 10% On Applicable Membership Rates (Does Not Apply To Youth Memberships)
  • No Contracts
  • Financial Assistance Through Invest In People Scholarship Fund
  • Benefits Of Being A YMCA Member


Contact Nick McNeill at the Randolph-Asheboro YMCA to turn in your Letter of Agreement. Once set up in our system, any employee after that can join the YMCA at any time and take advantage of the Corporate Membership benefits!

Letter of Agreement

Corporate Partnership Handout