Guest Information

Membership Director- Ashlee King

YMCA Facility Guests

  • Each Adult Member (18+) is allowed to bring up to 2 guests at one time. Members assume full responsibility for any damage or vandalism caused by their guests. Improper conduct by a guest may affect the sponsoring member’s status.
  • Non-members age 15 and over may purchase a facility pass for $10. A Youth Non-member under age 15 may purchase a facility pass for $5.00 and must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • All guests must be with a Member and complete a guest waiver and present a picture ID. Guests must accompany the sponsoring Y member at all times when in the facility.
  • On the third Saturday of each month we will have a Bring A Guest Day. On this day an Adult Member can bring a guest with them with no facility pass fee charge.
  • Only 5 facility passes will be allowed to any one Non-member in a calendar year. This includes both paid and free facility passes.

Splash Pad Guests

During the Splash Pad season we will allow guests to use the Splash Pad. No sponsoring member is required for use of the Splash Pad only. Visits are not applied to the 5 facility pass allowance. $2.00 Splash Pad guest fee will apply to Asheboro City Rec Card holders and guests ages 3-10. Ages 11 and up will be a $3.00 fee. No charge for guests 2 and younger.