Fitness Center Guidelines

Wellness Director- Robin Hatch

  • Center reserved for members 15 years and older.
  • Members 10-14 may use the Cardio Equipment, the Abdominal Work & Stretch Area, and the Life Fitness Circuit upon the recommendation and training session with a Fitness Instructor and while remaining with a parent/guardian.
  • Members under 15 are not allowed in the Free Weight area unless approved by a Fitness Instructor and supervised by a parent/guardian.
  • Strollers, infant seats, and children under the age of 10 are not allowed in the Fitness Center.
  • Proper exercise clothing – shirts, gym shorts or gym pants, and athletic shoes must be worn at all times. No boots, muddy shoes, flip flops allowed when working out.
  • Collars must be used when lifting free weights.
  • When using the Smith Machine make sure the safety bars are engaged when performing squats and have a spotter when performing a bench press.
  • Return all equipment including weights, dumbbells and plates, fit balls, mats, tubes, body bars, and medicine balls to the proper area after use.
  • Please do not sit on the rails.
  • We strongly recommend cleaning exercise equipment before use. Please spray cleaning solution on paper towel and not the machine to prevent damage to the equipment.
  • Do not spray console or screen with cleaning solution.
  • Please clean all equipment after use.
  • When performing multiple sets on a piece of equipment in the Life Fitness Circuit, please allow members who are completing the circuit to work in between sets.
  • The exit door is for emergency use only.