"The Randolph-Asheboro YMCA isn't a building, a fitness club, a sports organization or a day care. It's a group of people who have come together at a place where children, adults and families can come to enjoy themselves while participating in programs that strive to instill the Christian values of respect, honesty, caring and responsibility. It's you, me and many others. We are The YMCA."

Patrick O'Hara
Executive Director



Patrick O'Hara

Executive Director


Kathryn Simpson

Executive Assistant

Christine Garrison

Business Manager


Nick McNeill

Marketing Director

Ashlee King

Membership Director


Robin Hatch

Wellness Director


Shawn Columbia

Aquatics Director/FAST Swim Coach


Joe Taureck

Senior Program Director, Soccer Director

Branson O'Hara

Senior Program Director, Youth & Adults Sports Director

Debi Krayniewski

Youth & Family Director

Gary Maness

Maintenance Supervisor


Virginia Moore

Senior Programs & Nursery Coordinator