Personal Training

A Personal Trainer is a fitness professional dedicated to helping others achieve their fitness goals and design personalized workouts.

Jean Carlos Pena, Personal Trainer


Bachelor's Degreee in Physical Education

General Strength & Weight Training, Cardivascular Conditioning, Youth Athletic Performance


Text (786) 469-1013 to set up your appointment

Jean Carlo's Personal Training Brochure


Brittany Sykes, Personal Trainer


Bachelor's Degree in Exercise and Sport Science with a Minor in Coaching Education
NFHS Certified in Sports Nutrition and Fundamentals of Coaching

General Strength & Weight Training, Youth Sports Development


Email with "Personal Training Inquiry" in subject line to set up your appointment

Brittany's Personal Training Brochure



Personal Training is for those who:

  • Are seeking extra help getting started on a fitness program and staying motivated to reach fitness goals
  • Want to learn advanced training techniques or get more out of their exercise program
  • Want sports-specific athletic training
  • Have special needs including those with injuries or specific limitations
  • Want to see improvements in strength, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, muscle definition, body composition, agility, and balance

One-hour sessions are $30/Members

  • All sessions are purchased at the YMCA Front Desk
  • Sessions will be scheduled during mutually agreeable times
  • 24 hour cancellation prior to session is required
  • Fitness and health history assessments are complimentary 

Personal Training Brochure